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dune dinner

We offer you a unique experience where your dining room is on top of a dune in the Kalahari desert. Peace and quiet, there will be no one else around you.

The perfect end of a day is, with now doubt, a dune dinner. Enjoying the sunset on the top of a red sand dune, you can see every single phase, with its own color, of the sunset. The amazing view over the Kalahari Desert, with your feet in the warm sand, the cosy light of a candle-light,… And when you look up, you will see the night sky with it’s thousands stars, you even can see the Milkyway. Next to all this, you can hear the sounds of silence, and sometimes penetrated with the roars and cries of the African Bush. Sit back and relax, your dining room is changed into a red sand dune! The staff will organise your dinner, so you don’t have to think about anything! Going to the top of the dune is by a game drive vehicle or a quad bike, this makes it even more exciting.

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